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Flesh Curtains

Rick, Birdperson, and Squanchy performing as the Flesh Curtains.

The Flesh Curtains was a band formed by Rick Sanchez, Birdperson, and Squanchy. Presumably, the band dissolved prior to the events of the series.


  • While the band is never mentioned aloud, Birdperson keeps a photograph of the group on his wall as seen in the episode Get Schwifty.
  • By all appearances, Birdperson was the lead singer, Rick played bass guitar, and Squanchy was the band's drummer.
    • This band's existence is evidence of Rick's close relationship with Birdperson and Squanchy, his two best friends outside of the family.
  • In the episode Big Trouble in Little Sanchez, Tiny Rick demonstrates his ability to play guitar when he performs the Tiny Rick Song.
  • On the Interdimensional Tour 2018, it shows many places that have been shown and/or mentioned.
    • Earth C-137, the original timeline of the main Rick and Morty.
    • Pronethean Bebula, the homeplace of Fart.
    • Doopidoo, a minor planet shown on Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.
    • Alpha-Betrium, the origin planet of Ice-T (aka Water-T).
    • J-19 Zeta 7, the timeline where Doofus Rick comes from.
    • Fourth Dimension, a place mentioned in A Rickle in Time.
    • Buttworld, a minor planet where everything is human butts.
    • Dimension 35-C, where Mega-Trees can grow.
    • Nuptia 4, the best place to fix your failing marriage.
    • Venzenulon 9, a planet where at night the temperature decreases to -300 F.
    • Bird World, where Birdperson is from.
    • Planet Squanch, where Squanchy is from.


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