The Wishing Portal is a garbage disposal portal on the Citadel of Ricks.


Mortys believe that the Wishing Portal will grant someone a wish if they throw something important into it. Lizard Morty, Fat Morty, and Slick Morty have thrown a panini maker, a surfer necklace, and a harmonica into the Wishing Portal. Slick Morty believed that "The Wishing Portal" is a place where the Citadel of Ricks dumps their broken dreams. Slick Morty kills himself by jumping into the Wishing Portal after implying that he is unimportant, though it's revealed he lands on some trash and dosen't die. However, shortly after, Garbage Announcer Rick says "Garbage *burp* dump, please stand back.", revealing it to merely be a portal for waste disposal.


  • In the commentary for the episode "Tales From the Citadel", it's revealed that the other side of the portal was planned to be a universe/planet that complained to a Rick once about not leaving a tip. In retaliation, the Citadel decided to dump all their garbage onto that planet and Slick Morty survived by landing on a heap of garbage.

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