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The Tickets Please Guy was a character seen in the Season 4 episode: Never Ricking Morty.


The Tickets Please Guy is a balding man with thick eyebrows, a curled moutsache, and a grey beard. His attire consisted of a red jacket over a white shirt and tie, some black pants, black boots, white gloves, small glasses, and a conductor's hat.

In his time-dialated nightmare, he wore a blue T-shirt and some khakis before he was cut in two. He had a well-built body under his shirt, though this is unknown whether or not he had it in the simulation.


The Tickets Please Guy's job was to get the tickets of the Story Train's passengers, often replying in the quote that was his namesake. He was first seen asking the disguised Rick for his ticket, to which he handed it over and received his half of the ticket before he left.

He arrived a second time, to which Rick and Morty demanded that he release them from the anthology. However, the Tickets Please Guy beat them, revealing that he had a well-defined set of muscles under his shirt and jacket. When Morty attempted to attack him, he used him as a human shield, effortlessly putting him wherever Rick attempted to aim to get his kill, but he didn't expect the window to shot.

Just as he was being torn in half, he woke up to a simulation set in a restaurant he didn't know, with a family he didn't recognize. Like in the train, he finds himself being torn in half, with his upper half flying into the sky and rotating, letting out an endless stream of blood. It turned out that he was suspended in disbelief, slowly dying while living through a nightmare in a time-dilated reality.

In his fantasy, three months have passed, and he became known as "Floaty Bloodman", still perpetually spinning and letting out a never-ending stream of blood. Due to this phenomenon, many people have been thinking of him as a god, and a group of followers believe that they kept him alive by redirecting their repressed sexual energy.

However, none of that was meant to last, as Morty shot him to death to end his suffering, all the while killing every resident inside his head.