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The Traflorkians are a species of small green aliens. They are often seen performing various jobs throughout the universe, and Rick Sanchez has befriended a lot of them.


According to the Galactic Federation, Traflorkians came to Earth thousands of glaagnars ago and planted bones and fossils all over the planet as a goof, meaning that dinosaurs never existed.

They were involved in a series of conflicts with the Pizarians called the Marinara Wars, where the Traflorkians' God Emperor Pahpahj’han consumed millions of Pizarians.[1]

Rick Sanchez invited a great number of Traflorkians to his house party.


Traflorkians is a species known to goof around, particularly after they planted bones and fossils on a primitive Earth as a joke to lead humans into beliveing dinosaurs used to roam the planet.


"Glip-Glop" is a derogatory term for Traflorkians, described by Rick as "the N-word and the C-word had a baby, and that baby was raised by all the bad words for jews." Rick is quoted saying, "WHAT UP MY GLIP-GLOPS!" when the Traflorkians arrive, further proving its parallels to the N-word.



  • The Traflorkians somewhat resemble the Lumpy Space People from Adventure Time.
  • Glip-Glop was used as the name of a meta-fictional alien character in Season 6, Episode 8 of Dan Harmon's, Community, and as the name for the alien bartender in Season 4, Episode 2 of Mr. Show with Bob and David, for which Dino Stamatopoulos of Starburns Industries was a frequent writer.
  • Glip-Glop is also the name of Dr. Glip-Glop, the "Best Doctor in the Galaxy", at the alien hospital where Jerry Smith was treated in the episode "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate".
  • Their God Emperor, Pahpahj’han, is named after the pizza restaurant "Papa John's".