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Troy: A Life Lived is a cheap clone of the popular game Roy: A Life Well Lived from the Chucina planet. Rick bought it when he was searching for a home version of Roy. It only appears in the game Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.


Everything in Troy is cardboard

The player plays as Troy, a human boy. Everything and everyone else in the game is made of cardboard, painted to look like objects and people. The game starts with Troy at 8 months old, presented with a limited choice of objects to determine Troy's future. From then on the game skips over a lot of years, sometimes decades, and the player is present at some of the important life events for Troy. These include: ending up in jail, changing career, excelling at work, receiving diagnosis from doctor. The game typically ends with Troy at the doctor's office, being told that he has ten seconds left to live. Troy usually dies between the ages of 77 and 86, however it is possible to speedrun the game and die at only 8 months old.

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