Varrix is an alien species of bare-skinned humanoid creatures. They infest planets by disguising as the native species while nesting in caves. Their nests spread across 300 galaxies and are the primary hunting target of Krootabulans.


A Varrix is bare-skinned with some visible blood veins and dark spots around on their body. They possess two large eyes, a rather large nose and they have pink/purple lips around their fanged mouth. When in combat, their lips part to a vile extent and showcases their few teeth and blue tongue. They have four warts on their chin. Each of their two hands hold four long sharp fingers, while their feet hold two toes in front and one toe in back. They have two large bat-like ears, giving them a somewhat resemblance to the Vampire Master. Varrix possess no visible genitals. The only obvious distinction between male and female Varrix is female Varrix possess longer eyelashes and a higher voice.


S3e9 Spider Varrix

A decapitated Varrix sprouting spidery legs

Varrix give off a certain smell, which only Krootabulans is able to pick up on. They are athletic, strong and fast; to the point where they can fight a Krootabulan in an almost equal fight. They are proficient with hand-to-hand combat, as well as with bladed weapons. Like Krootabulans, Varrix are able to fly and can easily pick up a car to throw at an opponent. Their fighting abilities varies between each member of their race, with some defeated by a regular human.

Varrix possess regenerative powers. When decapitated, their head will bleed blue blood before sprouting six spidery legs and keep attacking. Stabbing them through the head appears to stop this, while spearing through their torso also has proved fatal. Morty claimed that Varrix only die by being stabbed through their heart.


Varrix live to infest other planets with their own species. They nest in caves and dark places while disguising themselves among the creatures native to that planet. It is assumed that they plan to take over each planet when their numbers are high enough. They communicate in English among themselves, while spouting unintelligible battle cries while in combat.


  • Varrix are partially designed after Predators from the Predator movies.
  • The way Varrix heads sprout spider legs is taken from the 1982 movie The Thing.
  • A Varrix can be seen in a photo in The Poop in My Pants
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