Weird Rick is an alternate version of Rick in Rick and Morty. He appears in The Rickshank Rickdemption as the Rick that introduces Rick C-137 to interdimensional travel in a fabricated origin story that Rick created


Weird Rick has more grayish skin than other versions of Ricks, as well as more dull-colored hair. He wears a purplish jacket with a gray shoulder pad and a red shirt underneath. He also wears grayish black pants.


Rick and Morty

In the cartoon, Weird Rick appears in The Rickshank Rickdemption. When Rick C-137 shows Cornvelious Daniel the flashback of him inventing the portal gun, Weird Rick, who has his own portal gun, appears and talks to the younger Rick shown in the flashback. When Weird Rick tells young Rick that once he acquires the technology for interdimensional travel, young Rick passes on the offer, saying that he's a different kind of Rick. Hearing this, Weird Rick says "We'll see how long that lasts", opens up a portal, and leaves. He is never seen or mentioned again.

Pocket Mortys

In Pocket Mortys, Weird Rick is a customization option at Salesman Rick's, and can be purchased for 10 Blips and Chitz coupons (or 10 credits if the player is playing in Multiplayer). It's here that his name is confirmed.

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