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Wharborgarbors[1] appear in "Ricksy Business" and appear to enjoy indulging in sexual acts with other beings as sex toys.


These creatures are approximately 30 feet in height, 36 feet across with very wide maws lined with extremely sharp teeth. They don't seem to be carnivorous however, as their reaction to encountering humanoid life forms results in using the smaller beings for pleasure rather than as nourishment. They possess agile tentacles extending outwards roughly 40 feet from their torsos.


Approaching near them without powerful projectile weaponry is highly unwise, as once captured by their elongated appendages, the victim is forced to spend what remains of its life being inserted into a sideways vaginal like hole at the front base. This is said to induce euphoria in the victim, though this has not been verified. It is unknown if Wharborgarbors have genders and whether they undergo reproduction is also unknown.

Wharborgarbors build small rock monuments of varying sizes in clearings just outside of Glorfingr 7's mining villages. While it's unknown why they build these, some believe the sizes to be some sort of collective community satisfaction rating. [1]


These creatures were first seen in Ricksy Business when Morty Smith accidentally teleported his house and everyone in it to an unknown dimension. An attender at the party then runs outside and is taken by the Wharborgarbors. In the after credit-scene Abradolf Lincler is also taken by the creatures and passed around into their holes, like they do with the boy from the party.


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