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Box Art

Meeseeks and Destroy your opponents in this special edition of Rick And Morty YAHTZEE featuring some of your favorite characters on custom dice and a collectible Meeseeks dice cup.

Product Description

YAHTZEE®: Rick and Morty™ Meeseeks Edition lets you employ the eager-to-please martyr for a spherical version of the classic Shake, Score, and Shout dice game. Use the Mr. Meeseeks dice cup to shake out five custom dice featuring Rick, Morty, Summer, Smith, Beth and Rick’s Portal. Make sure to keep track of your points on the Mr. Meeseeks score pad or he won’t go away and it’ll get weird.

Product Details

Age: Ages 17+

Players: 1+ player(s)

Contents Summary:

  • 1 Collectible Meeseeks Dice Cup
  • 5 Custom Dice featuring Rick And Morty Portal (1), Rick (2), Morty (3), Jerry (4), Summer (5), Beth (6)
  • Custom themed Rick And Morty Score Pad
  • Pencil
  • Rules


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