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The Zigerions are a race of aliens featured in the episode "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!". The alien race are known for their 'interstellar scamming' and have been pursuing Rick for an unknown amount of time for his recipe of concentrated dark matter. According to Rick, they are the galaxy's most ambitious and least successful con artists.


The Zigerions are humanoid aliens with four arms and a pink to purple skin tone. They have elongated heads with a small number of spiky protrusions. They also have long antenna-like appendages that could serve as their ears. They are outfitted with a specific type of space uniform that bears resemblance to the Star Fleet uniform in Star Trek.


The Zigerions are known for their deceptive tricks and scamming tendencies. Rick stated that they have been after his recipe for concentrated dark matter for years. The race lives on a large spacecraft that is outfitted with a wide variety of advanced technology, including several machines to create realistic simulations. While their simulations can generate a lifelike environment, the artificial intelligence of the simulated individuals can often be unrealistic. While Rick was always aware of being in a simulation, Jerry was not.

The Zigerions appear to suffer from gymnophobia, the irrational fear of nudity, which seems to affect the whole race. Rick takes advantage of this to avoid being monitored while in the simulation. However, thanks to the efforts of the Zigerion Kevin, they were able to create a simulated, nude Morty which nearly fooled Rick.

The Zigerion's seconds are called Quintons.

As revealed in Air Force Wong, some Zigerions were assimilated by Unity as they are seen working for her.


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  • Their name and scammer personality is a play on internet Nigerian E-Mail 419 scammers.
    • Their name also sounds similar to Zygerrians, a slave-trading race from Star Wars.
  • On Arrested Development, the character played by David Cross, Tobias Fünke, suffered from "Never Nude" syndrome and wore a pair of tight jean cutoffs under his clothes.
  • The Zigerions and their gymnophobic scammer personality may be a reference (and homage) to the nudist scammers in Futurama, another sci-fi comedy.